Zotero PDF Opener not coming up

I have worked through linking Zotero to Logseq but can’t get the open button to show, enabling me to read the PDF in Logseq. I believe I have the Zotero data directory correct but need to be sure if someone can post where they got the information for theirs. I am using a Mac and Logsec in a browser.
Thanks in advance

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I also have same issue in Chrome Web app Logseq. When i click Open button - nothing works (i see only empty space on the left).
BUT IN Desktop App it Works! I dont know why…

Logseq in browser doesn’t support PDFs viewer. You need to use the desktop version.

I think I’ve had the same issue (I’m using the desktop Logseq application), if I understand correctly. I thought it was a bug and just found one open in GitHub here.

This has happened on different computers (both Linux with Gnome desktop but one Manjaro and one Ubuntu). In both cases, I have Logseq and Zotero set up and they generally work nicely. However, the “Open” button for the PDF attachment just goes to a completely blank screen in Logseq and then the application has no more interface so I have to close it and re-open it.

If I put a PDF directly into Logseq, it does open that in its reader and let me do the usual things. It seems this is only an issue when I try to click Logseq’s “Open” button for a Zotero entry. My Zotero files are stored in the default ~/Zotero folder.

According to the bug report, it seems that relative path in Logseq’s Zotero settings doesn’t work and you have to put in the full path. I tried this and it works after changing that.