About tasks query

is that possible to query all tasks done since 10 days ago? thank you in advance !

Check Add a done date to done tasks that is query-able

Thanks a lot, mentloid !

{:title [:h3 “Done tasks since 7 days ago”]
:query [:find (pull ?b [*])
:in $ ?start ?today
(task ?b #{“DONE”})
[?b :block/properties ?properties]
[(get ?properties :string) ?completed]
[(str ?start) ?sstart]
[(str ?today) ?stoday]
[(>= ?completed ?sstart)]
[(<= ?completed ?stoday)]]
:inputs [:-7d :today]
:group-by-page? false
:breadcrumb-show? false}

I do this with “DONE task property” installed and it does work. I just wonder how can we enter a date or datetime information into a block which can be used for later query.