Add a done date to done tasks that is query-able

As not all tasks are finished on time it would be valuable to have the done date added to the DB schema of logseq.

One could activate the timetracking feature of logseq to get the latest date tracked (See a query @darwis made here. But that is not something I really need. But I would like to know when a task is done.

I am not entirely sure how the DB schema works exactly but I see that there is a

:block/marker "DONE"}

entry in the block data. If also a :block/marker/done “DATE”} part could be added to store the datetime of the moment a task is set to done that would be great.

I have no idea if it workes like this. Feel free to adjust conform working standards.

If this date could be added to be visible at the moment a task is set to DONE that would be great. So you see in one glance when a task is finished. Currently that is not possible with using the timetracking feature. And I have no need for that.

An extra reason to do not use the timetracking feature as I have tasks that directly go from TODO to DONE without the DOING step. Not sure how timetracking works in that scenario.

Maybe a same logic as with scheduled and deadline might work also. So in the :block/content

Not sure what the consequences are in terms of presentation, quera-ability, ect.


I want query my task with done date

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