Add :pages to :default-queries in config

Currently in the config file it’s possible to have queries that run on the journal page by adding queries to :default-queries { :journals [] }.

I’d like if I was able to add a custom query that ran on any page I’m viewing. Basically a way for me to bubble up or collect things on that page. “Show me all todo items in this page that have the tag ‘Important’”, for example.

Maybe add another option to :default-queries called :pages? And any advanced queries that are added to it would be run on any currently open page.

I know you can add queries to a page with /Query. I’m wanting something that is automatically run on any page I am viewing.

I’d use this also. I create a lot of TODOs tagged with people or meetings where i need to discuss the topic. It’s nice for organically developing meeting agendas. The “Linked References” section can get pretty cluttered over time so having the ability to include a custom query would allow me to easily see all unaddressed agenda items for a given person/meeting without having to manually add the query to every page i create.

Edit: I did just discover that you can apply a filter to the linked references to only list TODO items. That’s really nice. I’d still prefer a custom query though so i dont have to modify the filter back and forth all the time. Also, if i wanted to do anything more complex like a date filter i’d be stuck.

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