Add support for customisable TODO keywords

As per Multi-state Workflow (Org Mode Compact Guide) support user customisable keywords for TODO stages and the sequence in which they cycle.
Adding support for the "|" also allows for multiple DONE states, for example a CANCELLED and DONE state are both considered to be done.

This would allow users to configure their own task workflow, or multiple workflows

(setq org-todo-keywords
      '((sequence "TODO" "INPROGRESS" "PENDING" "ONHOLD" "|" "CANCELLED" "DONE")
        (sequence "REPORT" "BUG" "KNOWNCAUSE" "|" "FIXED")))

Org-mode allows for specifying keys assigned to toggle the state, that would be a bonus but not essential.

would very much like this

Right now there is a system setting that lets you choose between now/later or todo/doing for tasks, but many people use all four. Could we have a fourth setting that allows you to toggle through all four?

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Combined threads here to keep similar requests together.

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Related to Use a more standard flavor of markdown

A common representation of TODO/DONE in Github Flavored Markdown is [ ] and [x] (or [X]), it doesn’t include DOING but it is very frequently used.

It would be great if customisation of TODO keywords allowed for this syntax. Maybe ongoing tasks could be written as [o] ? Or for GFM (Github Flavored Markdown) compatibility it could be - [ ] DOING.

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The more I think about this, the more I would like something like the original suggestion posted by @benhamilton. I would like separate sequences for different kinds of checklists. For instance, for books I would like something along the lines of: “TOREAD, READING, FINISHED” simply to distinguish it from my ordinary task list. It is possible to add keywords and then filter based on that, but this would be much easier, since only books would use these terms…

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