Additional repeater options

Would be nice to have the following:

Repeat X days after being marked “DONE”

Repeat weekly/monthly on certain days of the week/month. (e.g. Every M, W, F, or 1st of every month)

It would also be better if, when marking a repeating task marked as “NOW” as completed, it didn’t stay “NOW” but became “LATER” until x days before the next event…


There is already every day and week. But it would be lovely if there was every week day.

It basically sounds like a request to get the same recurrence options one finds in Google Calendar. If I may make a recommendation, because I like the suggestion, that there be a config.edn setting to enable these advanced repeater options—if this itself is not too complex. That way regular folk who are fine with the simpler interface aren’t slapped with a host of other unwanted visuals.

I wouldn’t consider it unreasonable to leave the UI alone and require the advanced user to textually edit the SCHEDULED/DEADLINE text with the advanced settings, so long as the docs explain it clearly.


There is no reason to hide this away in the settings or a config file. You simply have a “custom” repeat option which opens up additional options…

Vote up. I need to setup repeating tasks for specific days.

I’d also like to see options for “first day of the month”, “last day of the month”, and of the form “3rd Monday of the month” and “the 12th day of each month”.


Thank you for the idea of editing the cofig file for more complicated repitition patterns. I like this option. While I would be fine with this method, I also agree with the comment that it could be added with a “Custom” option that wouldn’t show details until it was clicked.