All page tags appear

Until now, page tags did not appear when they were empty. Now all page tags appear for me, but only when I start a new template. It still only shows the rows where the property is filled in for old ones. What could be the reason for this behavior? It is much nicer and more explicit if it only shows the filled tags.
The current situation is shown in the following two pictures:

And this is the old way of working, which I think is correct.

Yeah this happened after a certain version of the app. I don’t remember which one.
I’m on the fence personally. I agree that it is nicer to only see those properties that are filled.
However I ended up added all these dots (.) after properties in templates to indicate the property was there and I needed to fill it in.

I have always admired how neat and clean Logseq is. But, this… I know aesthetics is a personal preference, but it isn’t pleasant. And super distracting.

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Yeah, I’d rather put a dot after the properties I seem “required”, then seeing empty properties.
Also a thing that changed with this is that a block will now have all properties in it’s data regardless of filling.
I think this is actually the reason it was changed.
Before when we query if a block had a property it needed to have a value as well to return true. Now it always returns true regardless of value.
(Which meant I had to update all my queries as well to accommodate this change :sweat_smile:)

Hm, that’s interesting. I have never queried property, just values…

It is still ugly. Is there any way to hide empty page tags? I would appreciate any advice; I found it super distractive. Thanks.

In ipados, it works the old way: only filled-in properties are visible. Much better, please, make it available on the desktop again!

A workaround is available here.

Hello, have you found a solution?

A solution for what exactly?

see the original post you commented. actually mentaloid submitted a great solution. see it here:

if we have already met in the online space actually i have submitted a query inquiry which needs your expertise:)

i would appreciate if you could have a look:

Yes, this is why I asked what you were looking for exactly.

Seems mentaloid beat me to it :slight_smile:

you’re right, i noticed it too late :sunglasses:

mentaloid is very active right now. please come over to my other post, so they dont beat you to it again :heart: