Allow binding of "/schedule" command to keyboard shortcut


I love using Logseq for work and managing projects. I use tasks to plan my work and ensure I don’t miss deadlines.
I often use the “/scheduled” command to assign dates to items, however, I find it slightly cumbersome to type out “/sch” and then choose the “/Scheduled” command to select a date.

My request is this: can we allow a keybinding to trigger these auto complete commands? Ideally, it’d look like this: I click on a block or finish typing a task item, trigger the shortcut to schedule, the calendar pops up, I choose a date to schedule the task to.

I realize there’s a plugin called “logseq-datenlp-plugin” where it can parse the date and time as you type, but I’d rather just click on a date in the calendar to schedule.

I went through the code a bit, but I’m not the most familiar with Clojure, but I believe we’d just need to expose the function here:
to be accessible to the shortcut/config.cljs file.

Could be something like:

:editor/show-date-picker   {:binding "ctrl+r"
                                             :fn      commands/show-date-picker}

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Welcome. I would vote for a way to define keyboard shortcuts for all commands, whether built-in or custom (in file config.edn).


@mentaloid Is there a feature request / topic / github issue for that? I would love to be able to define keyboard shortcuts for any command, but I don’t know what’s the best way (and where) to vote for this feature.

I’m not aware of any.

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