Alternative Logseq icons

nice work - thanks :slight_smile:

Glad you like it. Cheers!

Very nicely done. I prefer the darker one :slight_smile:

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Oh I love these, since they offer an alternative to the square brackets options.

Thank you! I like these far better than the default one.

Thank you for making these - they are beautiful and look elegant in my dock. I’ve been on the hunt for an alternate icon for weeks, I’m very picky about how it looks. Super grateful for your excellent designs :grin: Do you have a design profile somewhere? Would love to follow

I liked this concept so much that I made a version that fit my theme:


It’s meant to be a “L” for Logseq made by indentation dots inside a “Q” that looks like a magnifying glass (seek/seQ).

Ask me if you want the SVG source


Love this! @alex0 I’ve already updated my system.

I know @tienson has the story of “footprints in the sand” for the official logo/icon but I do like this better with the incorporation of the features.

+1 for official change.

…or they could keep the current logo for the company or the project and use the “L-in-Q” logo for the app icon i.e. the icon to launch the desktop app. Also Mozilla/Firefox have something like this, they even have three: Mozilla logo, Firefox project logo and Firefox app icon. See also KDE Plasma, there is a KDE logo and a Plasma logo.

Edit: a reason for this is that while I value the branding for a project I don’t like how every single app icon in my OS is turning into a company logo. This is why for example I changed the icon of my text editor of choice to something that makes it obvious it launches a text editor, while the default is a logo with an animal that doesn’t relate in any way to text editing.

I’m happy that the tools we use on our personal machines are developed by various communities, but I would like that the marketing/branding part is used online and maybe in the “about” dialog, but not in the OS and the icon to launch the app is “part of my personal OS” for me.

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Really nice :slight_smile: But where to copy the icon to have it on the MACs bar? Or as a win10 icon?


This is lovely, thanks for sharing!

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It is great , thanks for sharing

Actually genius. I think the background/borderplate is lacking in contrast (could fiddle with colors to get a dark L on a light background for example), but I’d really want some variation on this idea to be the new icon.

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Thank you, I will publish the monochrome version and other styles for different platforms as soon as possible. Cheers!

Looks great! Would you be willing to provide the SVG?

@baduhai thank you! Here you go:

This is really awesome! Echoing the key concept of outliners and the initial of Logseq


Feel free to share your existing concept or an evolved or new idea in our logo competition thread – with the chance to win a price. I see @alex0 has already submitted his concept! :fire:

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In fact I was just about to. :smiley:

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I love it. Thanks for the icons. :clap: