Alternative Logseq icons

Hello everyone,

I’m very particular about the icons on my Dock, and usually customize them to better suit my taste and mood. That’s what I’ve just done with Logseq, and I’m pretty happy with the result.

I’m posting light and dark versions here, in case someone else wants to use them.




Edit 13:18

For those curious about the creative rationale, this is inspired by parent/child bullets, and the “L” shape that they make.
The smiley face at a 45º angle is really just a happy coincidence.

nice work - thanks :slight_smile:

Glad you like it. Cheers!

Very nicely done. I prefer the darker one :slight_smile:

Oh I love these, since they offer an alternative to the square brackets options.

Thank you! I like these far better than the default one.

Thank you for making these - they are beautiful and look elegant in my dock. I’ve been on the hunt for an alternate icon for weeks, I’m very picky about how it looks. Super grateful for your excellent designs :grin: Do you have a design profile somewhere? Would love to follow

I liked this concept so much that I made a version that fit my theme:


It’s meant to be a “L” for Logseq made by indentation dots inside a “Q” that looks like a magnifying glass (seek/seQ).

Ask me if you want the SVG source