Android app very slow -> which evolution?

Hi !

I’ve been using Logseq for almost two years and I love it. I have been supporting from the start financially and have converted a few people around me.
I waited impatiently for the arrival of the android app. At first there were bugs and it was complicated to use on a daily basis. I waited for the releases. And then…
Well I still have huge problems with slowness, as I reported on this forum and discord.
To see I tried on obsidian phone and tablet with my graph. And there… wow… super fluid!
I have two questions before considering returning to Obsidian:

  • am I the only one having these problems of extreme slowness on the android application?
  • does the roadmap provide for significant changes to the android app in the coming months? (perhaps with the new database in anticipation).

Thanks so much for all the work.

I came to the Logseq forum just now to ask this exact question! I’ve had some annoyingly slow attempts to use Android app, and today just out of idle curiosity I opened Obsidian app, which I have not even looked at in months, and was blown away by how fast and fluid the Obsidian mobile experience is.

I’m running Logseq build 0.9.1 on a Pixel 6 Pro, if it matters I’m a paid supporter and I’m using Logseq sync.

I hate to say this, but its now almost unusable on my mobile. Maybe this build is particularly slow for Android?

It takes about 5 seconds for the app to load, text input often stops when typing into a block, and the slash-command palette can be very slow to open and navigate. For example if I type /tom intending to use the [[tomorrow]] link, it will not recognise this as a command, and will just show /tom as text in the block. Then I need to backspace to delete tom and start again.

This is very tedious and makes it frustratingly hard to do a quick capture of a note when out and about.

I’m a big fan of Logseq, and really hope to see speed improvement on mobile as a priority.

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Same for me.
Application loading about 6 seconds.
Then it shows journal page which I used before (few days ago for example).
After 5 seconds more it updated and show currend journal page.

Version 0.9.1
Samsung A41, Android 12

Exact same experience here. The app is especially slow when typing a search query. It sometimes takes a couple of seconds for the keys I types to show up in the search field.

Version 0.9.1
OnePlus 6, Android 11

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I’m having trouble with general slowness of the app. I never quite used it because I found speed syncing with Google drive a bit cumbersome. Two weeks ago I joined the paid versions of sync (works great by the way, kudos to the developers), but the speed of the android app didn’t improve at all.

That’s a pity, it really obfuscates the great quality of Logseq and the elegance of experiencing it on a desktop.

Clicking on screen is, in my opinion, also a tad fluidless. Hitting enter on the keyboard changes line but does not create a new block (which I’m used from the desktop experience) and I have to hit the enter key on the menu bar. It’s not a big deal, but I find my finger memory from other apps that when I hit enter it’s done, in Logseq for android , I don’t seem to find whee to change enter key behavior option to create a new block. But it might also be my bad that I just haven’t found this option yet, I’m not too technically inclined.

Finally, I just wanted to share all my love for all devs and community contributors. Logseq is awesome and has positively changed so many facets of my life and work that I couldn’t be happier to be part of this community. Thank you all

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Almost forgot, I’m riding Logseq android version 0.9.1 on a Redmi Note 11s.

+1 I’m using 0.9.9 on Pixel 6a

I want to make Logseq my default notes app, but the absence of a background sync, the cold-start period, and the poor functionality of many core features on mobile (like backlinking) mean I keep using something else that’s faster and more reliable.

This is relevant:


Not really a solution in a meaningful way, but might help people with a similar usecase to me:
I’m a Zettlr user, testing out Logseq. Zettlr uses much more standard md files and structure, so for Android I used Zettel Notes, which is super fast and has git integrated. With my Logseq graph in Zettel Notes, I can at least see the notes and easily add a journal entry, or bulletpoints on a existing one. This enables quick capture directly in the graph, or seeing certain notes that I need in mobile (eg recipes), but I can’t do anything fancy.