Anki Logseq Sync Request

Basic usage : Make anki cards from logseq notes based on tags.
One of the best roam plugin which I use daily : GitHub - taylormitchell/ankify_roam: A command-line tool which brings flashcards created in Roam to Anki.

This would be nice. But it would be even nicer to have flashcards running within Logseq (though not sure how feasible this would be).


A plugin to convert select notes into Anki cards would be great!

Flashcards within Logseq itself would also be neat, but there is an entire ecosystem already built upon the solid foundation of Anki: several thousand decks, dozens of plugins, & existing applications for all major platforms (including mobile). All of that would be inaccessible if the plugin eschews Anki for a Logseq-native approach.

Of course, they’re not mutually exclusive: there could be a plugin for flashcards within Logseq and one for exporting to Anki. It’s just more efficient to use existing infrastructure rather than reinventing the wheel.

I might take a crack at building an Anki exporter plugin myself but I have little experience with JavaScript (and related languages), mainly Python. Hopefully I have enough time soon to learn that and contribute. However, if anyone else is building this and I can assist rather than lead, please let me know!


Does Logseq allow the creation and mutation of custom meta-data to a line of text? I haven’t used LogSeq yet, but am considering alternatives to RemNote and am curious about the possibilities with LogSeq?

I can program, but time is limited. But a (two-way) Anki sync would be awesome. I noticed that the Roam plugin requires manual steps, which is a no-go for me. I’m also pretty sure that that plugin does not allow edits of existing cards, right? Those would all be requirements for me for it to be useful in my studying.


Vote for functionality that can convert contents in logseq to anki. I believe most existing anki user would prefer just to keep building upon existing anki decks than start at another new “anki-like” system.

Good news! There is a logseq-anki-sync beta version which fullfills my needs. Many thanks to the dev.

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