Are there any plugins that add folders?

I’ve seen an old article from early 2023 in which it was said that some person is working on a plugin that allows folders in Logseq, but I couldn’t find it at all. Is there any?

Is there a way to store Logseq pages not “all in 1 folder”? I like the app and would probably switch to it from Joplin, but lack of folders concerns me, as it will make it difficult to switch to any other app, since I’ll have to sort everything manually again.

If there is a plugin that allows to create folders for Pages - please let me know.


  • This is an age-old discussion (e.g. here).
  • For the plugin, maybe you refer to this post.
  • There are plenty of folder-like things in Logseq, but there is no disk-structure-imposed categorization and will probably never be.
    • For some people, this is a show-stopper. For some others, this is a blessing.
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It’s objectively a downside, cause it makes switching to Logseq more difficult as well as switching from Logseq. One of the advantages of FOSS is the open standart, so you can switch to a different app, here you’ll have to rename potentially hundreds and thousands of notes and sort them out.

Well, I’ll probably only use Logseq for whiteboards and journals then.


The right tool for the job. Logseq is not for whiteboards, its strength is in knowledge graphs. It is impossible to fully switch from graphs to folders, no matter what software you use.

With Obsidian I’ll loose my graphs, but at least files will be stored not all in 1 place.
So I can try out graphs, but I’ll still be able to migrate to a thing like Joplin without much pain.
I’m mostly concerned with that.

You can put your files into different subfolders, as long as each file has a unique name across the whole folder-tree. Generally, migrating from Logseq is not pain-free, but many have done it.