Arrow movements left to previous point and New Point when pressing enter at first character


Some things that I can do with other outliners but can’t with Logseq and it just feels unintuitive not to be able to do is:

Feature 1:
Left Arrow to Previous Point

When I’m writing a point, say I want to edit something at the tail end of the previous point (often a tag, but whatever.) I can’t push the left arrow key to go to the previous point, it just sticks there. In pretty much every office software, and in Dynalist, Transno, Workflowy, etc, when you push the left arrow at the beginning of a point, it takes you to the previous point. Logseq should do this as well.

Feature 2:
Pushing Enter before first character on a point should create a new point above
So in other editors, if your cursor/insertion point is at the front of a point, before the text, when you push enter, a new blank point is created above the point your cursor/insertion point is on. Logseq doesn’t do this. The most annoying part about this is if I’m creating a new document, and I forget to add a title, or want to add a title later, I have to create a point below the top point, then add a letter in front of it so the point stays, copy the top point down, then replace the point above with a title. It’s not intuitive.

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