Better Organization and Creation of Templates - Templates Folder?

I don’t know how I feel about a templates folder, but considering how much trouble I have been having with creating, inserting and finding my templates. I think something came be improved… including the need to click on a bullet point to turn a page into a template.

Because of the trouble I have been having I revert back to using a text expander instead of Logseq’s template feature.


Do you think the suggestions in this post would solve your problems?

I am not sure if my assumption is correct. Do you create the templates in different places on the pages - depending on where you are?

I organise the templates directly in LOGseq via specific template pages. For certain topics, I have a page where I collect or define the templates for this topic?
I also have one page for “general” templates. This way I have no problem finding or changing my templates.

Would that help in your situation?