Better Paste Support

Pasting text or html should better honour line breaks and create new bullets for them. Pasting also should honour simple formatting like bold, italic, hyperlinks.

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I agree this would be great.

As a workaround temporary solution, you can use a text editor or knowledge app that supports this feature. If you store your files in a folder with logseq whatever change you make to the file is reflected on logseq.

In my case I use Obsidian for this, but you could also use any text editor like: Atom, Vs Code etc…

Hope that help, again, this is a temporary solution, I do +1 on your request for long term!

Thanks for making the effort to sign up @rcvd_io. I agree with you, but just FYI some users including devs like to put lists with line breaks inside single blocks. So they may resist assuming that line breaks pasted into a page should be interpreted as a new block.

This has now been resolved - can paste with ctrl+v or ctrl+shit+v. Thanks for the post