Better support for obsidian-style Wiki-Links when it comes to displayname & pagename

I use Logseq alongside Obsidian. What I would really like to see is Logseq supporting obsidian-style Wiki-links when it comes to the handling of display- and pagenames.

If I want to link to a page in Obsidian, but want to use a different displayname for the link, I can use the following syntax: [[Pagename|Displayname]].

Logseq on the other hand uses the following syntax: [Displayname]([[Pagename]]). It would be great if it could additionally understand the syntax Obsidian uses and would go a long way to further improve the interoperability between the two platforms.

It’s actually not “obsidian-style” wiki links, it’s called piped links which I think is rather conventional. Also Logseq syntax works in Obsidian and is readable, while piped links are recognized as new files in Logseq. So in my opinion it would be great if Logseq will support this kind of links.


@moderators possibly a duplicate of Logseq and Colaboration Projects

I think this support is crucial for migrating existing databases. Many services use this kind of link (Obsidian e.g.). Of course, advanced programmers easily can use the grep+sed combination to convert documents, but backward compatibility will be dropped (In case I don’t want to give up Obsidian)

Yes! So much yes to this. Pipe link support would increase interoperability by a lot. (I have to admit, though, that Logseq’s solution feels more true to Markdown syntax, and I wish it were the standard instead of the confusing pipes. But it is what it is.)

One more problem I see is the way namespaces are implemented. They don’t work in other apps because the file names use dots instead of forward slashes.