Better syncing between iMac and iPad

I have been very frustrated with the unreliable syncing between iPad and iMac provided by the current iCloud implementation. I believe it’s more an Apple problem than a Logseq one - other apps struggle too, though (interestingly) some struggle more than others.

I have just set up a Working Copy/Github/Github Desktop structure that at least gives me full control over what gets synced when. But it’s not exactly elegant and prone to me making mistakes, like forgetting to commit or fetch changes when I switch devices.

So, is there anyone out there that has come up with a more elegant syncing alternative yet?

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I’m not experencing problems with Mac and iPad sync. It syncs almost in real time, even while I make changes in the note.

I’m having the same problem between MacBook and iPhone and I feel it’s iCloud problem too.

So far, I consider saving manually could be at least a basic way to handle it. I did set up it in my MacBook by using “cmd + s” and each time, before I leave the laptop, I run finder to confirm iCloud update graph files on the cloud. Nevertheless, is not possible to use the same combination on my iPhone, and already happened a couple of times to me that I close iPhone app and the files weren’t uploaded to iCloud, so how could enable to save manually the graphs changes in my iPhone? Is there any shortcut that could work on MacBook and iPhone? Any Ideas?

I have good days and bad days: some days everything syncs close to real time, on other days it takes hours (sometimes more than 24 hours) before things start syncing again. It’s the unpredictability of this - plus the fact that there’s no way to force files to sync - that bothers me most.

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I wish I could help you. I’ve tried refreshing, re-indexing, even removing the app from the iPad’s active apps stack (you know: the mysterious swipe up from the bottom, hold, then swipe all the way up). The problem doesn’t seem to be that the app is not saving its files but that iCloud has its own rules about when it feels ready to sync what has been locally saved to it. I can’t see any pattern in the times it stalls: most days it works fine, then on some other days I can’t get it to sync at all.


Hmmm, I used to have the iCloud syncing problem a few years ago, but it doesn’t seem to be a problem now. I’ll let you know if it starts happening on my end. I just started using Logseq about a week ago.

Yes, please, keep me posted. It all worked fine when I started with the iOS beta app, and then sync started to become a problem.

I have yet to be successful with sync. I end up with duplicate files and have given up on using iOs which is disappointing. I’m assuming that I’ve set it up wrong but am not sure what to try next. This is what my folder looks like. If anyone can tell me what I’m doing wrong, I would be grateful.

I’ve been dealing with a lot of the same iCloud syncing issues: duplicate files and text disappearing mostly. As of yesterday I moved my Logseq database to Dropbox because I have a lot more confidence in their syncing.

I’ve accepted that I’ll just have to wait for the official Logseq sync before I can really use the mobile apps. I’d rather have my notes safe on one machine (desktop) vs dealing with syncing issues across multiple devices.

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If only we could get the iOS app to read directly from the Dropbox folder.

I am reasonably content with my current Github setup: my local Logseq folder on my iMac is synced to Github at the end of the day. Before I start working on my iPad I pull down the latest changes from Github using Working Copy, After I’m done with the iPad I commit my changes with Working Copy and sync my iMac again. Reading this back it looks like a lot of extra work but in practice it is not too bad. Maybe I can figure out a way to automate the syncing but for now I just make it a habit to sync in the evenings and the mornings and it all works fine.

For me, having the extra backup on Github is a nice extra.

I had been encountering this issue since the iOS app was released, but realized today that, for me, the sync issue only occurs on my Journal entries. I start most most of my notes from the day’s Journal, but decided to just start off of an existing, non-journal note. And everything synced without issue.

Journal entry still won’t sync though.

Hmm, looking into this more, for me, it doesn’t seem to be a syncing issue at all. My MacOS and iOS store journals in two different directories. MacOS, they’re at iCloud Drive/Logseq/Home/journals and in iOS they’re at iCloud Drive/Logseq/journals. Both OS’s look for pages in the Home directory.

I deleted iOS’s location directory, cleared cache, and it created a copy from MacOS’s location.

==== Edit ====
This is what ended up solving the issue for me:

  1. Back up iCloud Drive/Logseq
  2. Delete both iOS and MacOS apps
  3. Delete iCloud Drive/Logseq directory
  4. Reinstall MacOS app and select iCloud Drive/Logseq as the directory
  5. Reinstall iOS app and select iCloud Drive/Logseq as the directory
  6. Test
  7. Add copy contents from backup to newly, system created journals, assets, pages directory

I think my install was possibly corrupted by having a journal directory named at a different location which was left over from when my Logseq and Obsidian shared a same directory.

Hope this helps someone.

With me it’s definitely a syncing issue with iCloud itself. Some days everything works like clockwork, with almost instantaneous syncing. Other days, like today, iCloud seems to be waiting for something and never gets around to uploading my changes. It’s can’t be the bandwidth - Logseq files usually are less than a few 100Kbs in total, and this problem also happens on days I’m not actually doing anything major in my iCloud environment. My best guess is that one of the file transactions randomly hangs (or fails to signal it’s finished) causing the rest of the queue to wait forever.
Drastic fix: reboot the iMac - that usually fixes the syncing. But it is rather disruptive to my workflow :frowning:

Mmmm. I just found some reference to the ‘bird’ process in a forum discussing all the ways iCloud syncing sucks :slight_smile: . I tried force killing the bird process using the activity monitor. It immediately returns (with a new PID) and lo and behold, my iCloud sync resumed and finished within seconds.

It’s not very elegant, but it will have to do for now. Unless someone knows a reason why killing ‘bird’ is a bad thing.


I am also having constant sync issue between 2xMac and Ipads. I followed the instruction here and have no success. I may have to give up using iPad and use Logseq on Macs / Dropbox only

Is there any good other good suggestions until LogSync is available?

For me, this repo helped me set up a GitHub/Working Copy syncing solution that works well enough to be useful: GitHub - CharlesChiuGit/Logseq-Git-Sync-101: This repo aims to help Logseq users to sync their data with Git and GitHub.. Recommended as an alternative to iCloud until there are better syncing options available.

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thanks, will give this a try at some point. At the moment, I refrain from using Loqseq (and a number of other apps) that relies on iCloud sync. I moved my files/folders to Dropbox and is working very well. I am hoping that iPadOS 16 will bring better sync reliability and ability to use some of the plug ins (another reason for not using Logseq on iPad for now)

Hi @bakari451 - did you use directions from LogSeq on how to sync? I can’t seem to find anything.

@TookiTheGreat - Thanks for this! I wrote up a small blog post based on the tutorial: Freeing myself from Roam Research (via LogSeq). I also included a Github Action that creates a sort of weekly backup.


Has this been fixed? This morning (Dec 1, 2022) I added some notes off my iPad and they would not sync with my desktop. At one point they were, at least from the desktop to the iPad but not backwards. Curious if this has been fixed or when the cloud service will be available?