Bulk Rotate TODO state

Right now you can “Rotate the TODO state of the current item” with the keyboard by typing cmd-enter. But you can only do this for one item at a time. I often have lists where I want to convert each item to a TODO all at once. It would be great if this keyboard shortcut worked if more than one item was selected.

Hi, I think this is possible with the Cycle to-dos that was recently added (highlight tasks and right click to select cycle). Let me know if this resolved your FR and can close the thred.

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I don’t know if @Luhmann thinks this is enough.

The new “cycle todos” allows to bulk rotate the todo state
BUT I would much prefer it would be possible using the keyboard shortcut.

thanks for drawing our attention to the new feature

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Cool - good point on the keyboard shortcuts - will leave open and if needed just give me a shout to rename the request

My biggest issue with the way this has been implemented is that it de-selects everything after each operation. So if you want to go two steps (from no TODO state to NOW, skipping LATER) you have to run it, select everything again, and then do it again. It would be better if the menu operation let you directly select which state you want with a pop-up, but at least it should not clear the selection between runs…

My other issue is that I personally cycle between NOW/LATER/TODO which is possible with the keyboard but not via this command. That could be fixed by implementing this feature request, or perhaps via a pop-up menu (as above).


agreed, this seems like a valuable feature (for myself too!)! Hopefully we can grab more upvotes here and prioritize it soon

Thank you for the feedback!

The coming 0.4.6 release will fix the de-select problem and support the keyboard too.