Can't create a tag with nested page links

If I have a page called “[[Foo]] and [[Bar]]”

And I create a link to that page like [[[[Foo]] and [[Bar]]]]

I should be able to turn that link into a “tag” by prefixing it with #, like #[[[[Foo]] and [[Bar]]]]

This doesn’t work as expected


Wouldn’t your example be referring to two separate pages, [[Foo]] and [[Bar]] rather than one page? Or are you trying to refer to a page that combines both links/pages?

To try this out I created a page called “[[Foo]] and [[Bar]]”, and linked to it using [[[Foo]] and [[Bar]]]] like you suggested. That created a link in the sense that I could see it under Linked references on the page “[[Foo]] and [[Bar]]”. However, I was never actually able to get to that page by clicking the link. Clicking “Foo” or “Bar” brought me to (new) pages Foo or Bar, which kind of makes sense, while clicking the “and” created a new page “Foo]] and [[Bar”. Turning the link into a tag did not work, but rather created a tag/link to “[[Foo” and a regular link to “Bar”.

Just out of curiosity: What would be the use case for nested page links?

I second this. need this badly. im coming from roam.
wrote a bit about this and another related bug here