Nested page titles and brackets

If I create a page called [[[[topic]] one]] everything works as expected (besides the “Show brackets” preference which is not respected for [[topic]] and the related tag issue linked below) but when I try to create something like [[[[topic]] [[one]]]] then the page created is topic]] [[one.

In the “All pages” section I see both topic]] [[one and [[[[topic]] [[one]]]] but if I click on them, both link to the “broken” topic]] [[one.

This is probably related to this issue: Can't create a tag with nested page links where you can’t use page titles like [[[[topic]] one]] as a tag. (#[[[[topic]] one]]).

I moved from Roam where I used a lot of “nested” page titles that way, which worked perfectly… Hoping I don’t have to change my whole system around this feature! :sweat_smile:


Sad to see no replies here. Also coming from Roam (well I was attempting to) and found large issues with pages with nested titles not being imported at all.

Did you end up moving to logseq? If so how did you deal with this issue?

Unfortunately, I did have to slowly move away from multiple nested page titles. I didn’t used them for tags, so it was manageable. If you use only one nested page title, it works well enough.

I don’t know how much work it would entail to support this, so I’m cool if they don’t so it, but it is a bit of a bummer to not get any response at all, even to let us know they’re not planning to implement it :man_shrugging:

When I import from Roam I’m finding that only the top level page is created. The nested pages come up if you click on references to them and it shows all the references, but the actual page content is missing.
I go 2 -3 levels deep with nested pages in my Roam graph. It’s core to how I organized my data. Maybe even 4 once or twice.

I found my issue was due to using the pipe character as a separator. I replaced all the pipes and it worked.