Nested page titles and brackets

If I create a page called [[[[topic]] one]] everything works as expected (besides the “Show brackets” preference which is not respected for [[topic]] and the related tag issue linked below) but when I try to create something like [[[[topic]] [[one]]]] then the page created is topic]] [[one.

In the “All pages” section I see both topic]] [[one and [[[[topic]] [[one]]]] but if I click on them, both link to the “broken” topic]] [[one.

This is probably related to this issue: Can't create a tag with nested page links where you can’t use page titles like [[[[topic]] one]] as a tag. (#[[[[topic]] one]]).

I moved from Roam where I used a lot of “nested” page titles that way, which worked perfectly… Hoping I don’t have to change my whole system around this feature! :sweat_smile: