Capture Outlook/TB mails

What is the best way to capture emails (html, including images) from outlook?
Things I have tried:

  • Copy and Paste
    • This works, surprisingly, but it inserts images as literal html with links to images stored in AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip, so eventually they will be lost
    • It doesn’t capture the header, only the body. It would be nice to have an email template with From/To/Time/Subject etc.
    • It splits the message into blocks, one for each paragraph
  • Drag and Drop / Copy and Paste entire message from Outlook inbox
    • It doesn’t block the drop, but nothing happens
  • Save message as .msg and add as an asset
    • It is an attachment, so message can’t be read in Logseq, but one advantage is that the message can be opened again to reply or forward
  • Take screenshots and paste into Logseq
    • Can’t search

Ideally it should work like this:

  • Drag and drop or copy and paste complete message from Inbox
  • .msg is stored as an asset and linked so that I can click on the message to open and reply in mail program
  • Logseq creates email template with header on top
  • One block per email in the thread, split individual emails into blocks as setting
  • Images are copied from temp folder into assets

Same workflow could also work with Thunderbird.

Should Logseq get a command “<Msg” to import and display email messages?


The method I’ve been using is capturing the email via the Todoist/Outlook integration. It automatically saves it as an outlook deep link which I can easily copy and paste into Logseq. When I follow the link it opens it up in the outlook web app. If I need it to open in the native outlook app I can easily download directly from the web app.

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I just found a strange bug related to images in the temp folders (maybe in the Outlook export). I copied and pasted an email from Outlook into Logseq, it pasted the text of the email correctly, but in the middle was an image I copied yesterday. This isn’t a solution anyway, due to the images stored in the test folder.

@Jose_Vazquez, does this solution offer an option to store the body of the mail in Logseq itself? This would be great, as one could link to blocks, search etc.