Clicking the bullet to enter the block (to immediately view its children)

Currently, clicking the bullet does only “show the block alone in its given collapse state”. If the block is collapsed, it remains so when zoomed in. That is, zooming in on a block doesn’t necessarily show its content/children. This feels odd. For me, the time I want to click on the bullet to focus on that block is mostly the time I want to view or edit its content.

In Dynalist, clicking a bullet takes us into the block immediately and without changing its collapse state. This is very convenient when you want to quickly switch between the “exterior/macro” and “interior/micro” views of the list without changing the items’ relative appearance. Suppose I have a big list of “Foods” with the upper-most categories/blocks – “Fruits”, “Beans”, etc – each one collapsed as different “headings” (be it formatted as real headings or not). From this upper-most view, if I want to edit the different items inside “Beans”, I’d like to simply enter this heading-like parent block (by clicking its bullet) without uncollapsing it (by clicking the arrow), so that the upper-most view will be still compact (as a list of headings) when I come back up. This seems not possible in the current version of Logseq: If “Beans” was collapsed and if I wanted to edit its children, I have to manually uncollapse the parent (regardless of whether or not I zoom in on it), and it will remain uncollapsed at “Foods”, at the upper level where I may want to come back in order to have but a macro view of the food classification without the details inside “Beans”. This process of manually clicking on the arrow to edit the children blocks and maintain the compact view of their parents becomes tedious.

Logseq has a good hyperlink system, and creating a “table of contents”-like list page as a compact macro view of another page seems easy enough. Still, I’d like to have the option of “enter the block”.
If the current mechanism is still useful, we could have both ways, distinguished by shortcuts (perhaps “clicking vs Ctrl-clicking”).

I think this is the same request as

Today I noticed that this behavior is already implemented :tada: Version 0.5.8.

they also have Collapse all and Expand all when you right click a bullet, and the vertical bars next to the bullets are also clickable to expand/collapse.