Collapse the Linked References

After 3 weeks using the tool Ive made a lot of entries. Im always finding myself needing to collapse the linked references now to navigate what can end up being a very long list of referenced research. Thanks

Hi! I think this option exists already. Check settings.edn for

:ref/linked-references-collapsed-threshold 50

and decrease it to a low number. I set mine to 5.

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Dont see it
Image 2022-10-02 at 4.29.25 PM

You should check out the config.edn file under the loqseq folder and change the line that @itsamemarkus mentioned which is at the 214th line if you open it in Sublime Text or VS Code.

Hope this may be helpful.

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Would be great if you could set it to 5 and then have number 6 and higher be shown as “More…”
That way you always see the 5 most recent linked references and the other are available in 1 click.

got it. Thanks I appreciate your time to let me know.

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