Completely disable blocks on a new page


is there any way to completely disable blocks on a new page? When I want to use a new page to document something, I sometimes feel blocks to be very distracting.
For the journal, I love blocks. But for a very clean documentation page in clean markdown, blocks are distracting.
Is there any way to disable blocks for pages or per-page to achieve a similar edit mode than Obsidian or Notable?

Here is an example page created in Obsidian …

… and this is how it looks when created in Logseq …

The question is if I can also create a plain Markdown as in Obsidian? I really hope there is a way to do it.

On the other hand, if I copy the clean Markdown source code into a Logseq md file, it is properly shown. Weird!

I have tried to convert these examples into HTML using pandoc. As expected, the Logseq file is full of list items …

<li><h1 id="header-1">Header 1</h1></li>
<li>This is some text.</li>
<li>This should be a bullet point</li>
<li>Another bullet point</li>
<li><h2 id="header-2">Header 2</h2></li>
<li>Code Block</li>

Any help is much appreciated.

Use the shortcut t d to toggle document mode?

Thanks for the reply! That is making things a lot easier, but I still have blocks per header. The whole document is also one block. Still not a plain markdown file.

In Logseq I see this …

Full content is not displayed, Logseq doesn’t support multiple unordered lists or headings in a block.

When I simply copy a plain md file I have created outside Logseq into the notes folder and re-index, this file is rendered perfectly fine …

Logseq is an outliner at the end of the day. Will not be possible to achieve the exact same result in the .md file as Obsidian, which is not an outliner.

Maybe it would be a cool feature if you can create a standard markdown file that can also be rendered outside Logseq.
A non-block mode page, maybe that toggle for the page mode t d had a similar intention. :wink: