Completely disable git integration in desktop app

I want to completely disable the git integration in the LogSeq desktop/electron app. Is that possible?

I believe I’ve disabled the auto-commit setting and set “:git/disable-auto-commit? true” in config.edn.

I then terminate the app, delete the .git file and the ~/.logseq/git directory, and open the app again. Immediately the repo and the .git file get recreated and all files committed.

I’ve attempted to find a clean place in the code to inject a boolean setting to disable the git code but couldn’t find the good place, it looks like the git part is pretty core to the function of the app. I saw the document describing the major refactoring work and assumed the git functions would live as a plugin but find no evidence of that. Is, and will, the git functions be a mandatory part of the core of LogSeq?

Apologies if I just didn’t figure it out or if I stumbled upon a bug, it’s been a while since I worked with Clojure and friends.