CSS Themes Accessible from Logseq

For the non-technical.

Similar to how you can change quickly change and unchange the themes within Obsidian.md

I think this would be amazing, People love customizing their apps, I do think this would attract more people into Logseq.

Like you said @Mina0824 this is great for non-techies, but also for those of us creating themes…

Shameless plug to my Logseq Theme “Cobra”

It’s a lot easier to update themes if there’s a an easy way for users to simply click a button and update their themes.

The obsidian community themes does it in a way that’s great for theme creators, as well as for users to just take the code from GitHub and setting it up straight from the Obsidian settings.

I saw in the discord @andotvu mentioning that this would be amazing, but there’s some much stuff for the team to do right now, which I totally understand

I’d say this is eventually coming, but showing the demand for this feature from both theme creators and theme users is useful for the team to know how important this is.

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A question - Is there any difference in the CSS between Obsidian and Logseq? Or rather (damn here comes that eternal struggle where you dont know the language and try to order a coffee) can i essentially copy my css file i customised (painfully and while learning to swear in several languages) into a css file for Logseq?

I kind of already feel like I have probably asked a dumb ass question but go with me on this one im a complete novice with this. I painflly hacked together a theme of my own in OBsidian and I really like it. Alternativelly is there a sample one I can use then modify as I learn by error?

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Unfortunately it’s different, you can’t reuse your obsidian.css in here. However if you dedicate yourself to it it’s not that much harder to customize this css.

Just for reference I adapted my Obsidian Theme Wasp with similar colors into my Logseq Theme Cobra, I do know css, but I’m no expert.

What I’d say is if you managed to create an Obsidian theme, you can definitely create a logseq theme

I recommend looking at masters of css like @cannibalox 's theme Darker hpx for a great css example, which I based my logseq theme on.


Thank you, I know it probably sounded like a stupid question but I got to learn so I had to ask. I am happy to learn to swear a bit more and do this here. Will check your theme and the others with cup of tea right now

This should not be possible through the Logseq Marketplace