Ctrl+o open page

I often want to quickly open a page. ctrl+k searches all blocks and also prompts me to create a new page, or a new whiteboard, as the first item for partial matches (see picture), which means I have to enter two keystrokes to get to the page I want. I only want to search page titles and I don’t want to create a new page for a partial match. It would be great if logseq could support this open page shortcut with ctrl+o.


Agree. Ctrl+shift+o could also be implemented to open the page in the right panel.


You can create shortcuts and configure mod+o (or any shortcut) to open the search (:go/search)


{:go/search "mod+o"}

Is go/search not the exact keybinding that ctrl+k uses, with the problematic behavior outlined above?

there is a simple solution - just have the ‘go to page’ appear above the ‘create new page’ using command K. this is similar to the behavior if you type [[ - it defaults first to search, then you can down arrow to create new page or whiteboard. no need to create a different short cut IMO so we can use command K to quickly go to a page and keep the same muscle memory. like spotlight in safari or most other tools

see my other request here: Default the command-k menu to go to page vs create new page

This doesn’t address my complaint that is ‘searches all blocks’ instead of just pages, but it would be an improvement.