Default the command-k menu to go to page vs create new page

this action would mirror the action that happens when you are typing a word [[word… - which by default when you hit enter simply LINKS to an existing page, which is much more common, then the second option is to go to that page.

this is inverted when using the search command, where creating a new page with what you’ve typed is on top when you hit enter, and go to the page is second. this creates a bunch of friction when using search - it’s WAY more common to want to navigate to a page, therefor just type a few letters, hit enter, and go, like you do everywhere else, e.g. spotlight on a mac.

this is my biggest single issue with logseq, and seems like a no brainer.

to summarize - command k search box should default when you’re typing to NAVIGATE, NTO to create a new page, like it does when you type a page inline using [[.

see this example - obviously much more likely to want to go to the first search result vs create a new page for a half word!

This recent feature request is related Ctrl+o open page

thanks - related but i think different functions - would rather not have a new shortcut

I was thinking the same thing the other day. I don’t know how many times I’ve done command+K, type something, hit enter and end up with a new page instead of grabbing the first search result.

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yup - it’s an easy fix and pretty obvious IMO, hopefully we can get some support for it :slight_smile: