Custom shortcut for pasting in a custom sequence of characters

Hey guys,

is there a way to customize a shortcut that I can press so that Logseq inserts a custom character sequence into the document at the current cursor position?

For instance, I’d love to be able to press Ctrl + Alt + P to insert this sequence:
" → " (8 spaces, arrow to the right, space)


In config.edm there is a section to add custom slash commands. I’ve not been able to get a shortcut to do that.

  ["arw", "-		==> "]

The section in config.edm to add shortcuts only calls logseq Clojure functions I think.

The problem here is the leading spaces get truncated to one space so you need a leading alphanumeric (- shown above).
You could use AutoHotKey to expand a shortcut into a text string but it’s a lot to learn for a simple expansion.
Or Quick Access Popup is a free windows app that can do this.

To add on to this, there’s other easy-to-learn text expander apps. I personally use Espanso