Default result-transform

Adding this I thought would have no material effect:

:result-transform (fn [n] (map (fn [x] (ident  x)) n))

However it removes the grouping by date and uses the grouping of my top level outline. What is the default result-transform?

Also is there any debugging tips here - it’s been a right royal pain to debug this

Also get a different result with :result-transform (fn [n] n) and :result-transform: ident so I think it is replacing a default…

Side note: nice todo some clojure again

It would be great to have this feature. For example, I have a custom query for picking up tasks and sorting by priority, by when I provide the :result-transform function I lose the beautiful and useful grouping + breadcrumbs added by the default result transformation.

I would love to have the sorting function separate from :result-transform.

Having the same issue. Is there any workaround?