Default result-transform

Adding this I thought would have no material effect:

:result-transform (fn [n] (map (fn [x] (ident  x)) n))

However it removes the grouping by date and uses the grouping of my top level outline. What is the default result-transform?

Also is there any debugging tips here - it’s been a right royal pain to debug this

Also get a different result with :result-transform (fn [n] n) and :result-transform: ident so I think it is replacing a default…

Side note: nice todo some clojure again

It would be great to have this feature. For example, I have a custom query for picking up tasks and sorting by priority, by when I provide the :result-transform function I lose the beautiful and useful grouping + breadcrumbs added by the default result transformation.

I would love to have the sorting function separate from :result-transform.

Having the same issue. Is there any workaround?

I’ve started digging into the code so I can answer these questions for myself. It’s rather daunting, but if anyone wants to join the party, please reach out (or just respond here)!

You can look at my other recent posts to see what I’m up to - mostly focused on using nbb-logseq to get a more REPL-y experience.