Separate query result sorting logic from result transform

I have a custom query for showing tasks sorted by priority, for example, but when I provide the :result-transform function I lose the beautiful and useful grouping + breadcrumbs added by the default result transformation.

I would love to have the sorting function separated from :result-transform, so that I can sort the results of my query without losing the default formatting that I get from Logseq.

This feature request is related to this post in #queries.


To better describe what I would like to have as the result of the query: one inner square per block found by the search (just like a query without :result-transform shows one square per page), showing the title of the page where the block is and the content of the block. And then each individual block would be sorted by their priority.

I hope this makes my request more clear. In the end, I want to better visualize the title of the page of the blocks from the query while sorting them at the same time.

I’ve recently reported :result-transform and grouping of results · Issue #6641 · logseq/logseq · GitHub