Discourse Graph

Joel Chan and David Vargas seem to be putting together a powerful plugin for Roam, which I feel has some powerful use cases for academics and others who are trying to track claims and their evidence across papers, with the eventual goal of writing something formal up.

Here is a video of Joel’s intro: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software
Here’s the plugin: Discourse Graph

I’m particularly interested supporting the porting of / development of a similar tool in logseq.

Oh man, this would be so, so great!

Discourse Graph is definitely a reason for why I can’t switch away from Roam right now, it’s so powerful.


As an academic, I too would be interested in a Roam Discourse Graph replica in Logseq.

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For me, this is the main thing keeping me from switching from roam, so I would really like to see something like this implemented in Logseq

Discourse graph is a game-changer for note-taking, especially in academia. I look forward to seeing its iteration in Logseq


Can’t you use page properties to replicate this in a simplistic way?

@rudy_redacted Some people have started to look into porting this plugin. You can follow the discussion in the following Discord thread: Discord