[DONE] Deep Linking or URL Scheme / Allow linking to Logseq pages from outside the app

Possibly linked to a feature request [1], which may be looking at this at a big of a higher level, essentially, we need almost like a normative mapping between Logseq artifacts and those of (1) file system and (2) URLs (Web) and in fact this can become the basis for a lot more productivity for power users.

I’d say that the power of Emacs and Vi (in having so many dedicated knowledge artist users) was their integration with the command line. But they were limited, in fact by Web, and that’s a gap that Logseq can fill. I did also document the higher level idea and some literature around it here in this tweet [2] and some other threads here on logseq community [3].

[1] Hidden APIs: How Logseq's relationship with files and URLs matter a lot from the get-go
[2] https://twitter.com/sindoc/status/1592169398609248258
[3] Specification for public graph discovery. Decentralized social network on logseq - #30 by sindoc