Hidden APIs: How Logseq's relationship with files and URLs matter a lot from the get-go

I just started by startup and am doing my best to use Logseq as a platform for my business because I think there’s immense value in the way Logseq is designed. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be here.

But there’s one thing that I consider a flaw in the design of Logseq and that is how pages and blocks are mapped to both files and URLs and it so happens that they seem related, which is absolutely a great thing and that part is rock solid.

TL;DR, why don’t we support directories in the standard way Logseq files are stored on the file system?

Directories are well defined, both in the Web space [1] since the base standard and also in the Unix world, by which I mean anything based on some variation of the Unix mouvement as a whole. I don’t want to distinguish between Mac/BSD, Linux, and FOSS users. Logseq can actually unify.

Now, why should we care about this?

Well, as suggested in the title, this is API, it’s just one for which we don’t seem to have a spec for and that’s dangerous. Unless it’s spec-ed out, but I didn’t see one :slight_smile:

Anyway, I love Logseq, but also need some tough love and convo going with the Logseq community, which to be honest, has been slow so far.

The beautiful ‘/’ separator (namespaces) is already creating a kind of directory structure, anyway. Why don’t we replicated that on the file system as is, this way, me as a knowledge artist, can easily switch between the Logseq context and the file system context on the command line, using the command line terminal of choice. It doesn’t matter which shell or whatever, it’s about letting you go in and out between two power platforms, Logseq for Web (browser for knowledge artists? [2]) and Command terminal for executing pretty much any computation imaginable. Everything many people need to automate tasks already exists in the command-line. We just need to make sure that the right files are available for us to execute the right commands at the right time.

UPDATE: here’s one thread that if I understand correctly, is related to this thread. @clempat what do you think? I’m happy to merge. But please feel free to comment :wink:

[1] RFC 3986 - Uniform Resource Identifier (URI): Generic Syntax
[2] https://twitter.com/sindoc/status/1592461760216600576
[3] Deep Linking or URL Scheme / Allow linking to Logseq pages from outside the app

There is a long discussion on the same topic here: Support subdirs for namespace hierarchy

  • Logseq made the decision to decouple system folders from Logseq namespaces.
  • Virtual folder hierarchies can be created by attributes, but we still lack a tree search, see this recent discussion.
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Beautiful. Sorry I had not searched with the right terms.

Feel free to close this whole discussion and merge it with the other. I think I have referenced it in my notes so that should be enough for bookkeeping, at least from my side.