[DONE] Deep Linking or URL Scheme / Allow linking to Logseq pages from outside the app

I think it would make sense to have deep linking in Logseq either using the protocol logseq:// or through the website logseq.com. I am not sure what is the best I imagine while one allow to fallback to the web when the app is not installed the other one probably allow to link offline but I am not sure.

Is it something wanted/planned ? Is there any research done around this feature ?

Since I use LOGseq as a local installation (desktop), a variant with logseq:// would be interesting for me to link from other applications to information in Logseq.

I know this feature from the note app “CintaNotes” where I use it regularly.


I think this post is related (the same?):

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Sure. The same request.

Having a logseq url handler logseq:// would enable more integrations. i.e: I could use it with alfred. Ref: Discord

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+1 for this. I have several use cases - linking to more detail from a Mind Map, or back original thoughts from a Word document, or from my PDF bible to a series of notes on a passage.

Given each block has a reference already, it’s presumably just* a matter of exposing a URL handler. e.g. logseq://open?path=xxx&ref=blockref. The main issue I can see is that Logseq would need to also open the relevant graph if not already open. It’s a bit more complex than a self contained file, like a mindmap, or a web service which can, presumably, keep an index of all blocks across all users and easily open the correct document.

Obsidian handles it like this:

  • obsidian://open? tells the operating system to access the Obsidian application and open a specific file.
  • vault=Notes tells the Obsidian app which vault to look inside.
  • &file=Articles%2FObsidian%20vs.%20Logseq

*No idea how much coding is involved across platforms!

Would be great to have this option!

We also recognize that humans work best in psychological flow. Switching contexts, even to search for information, interferes with flow while consuming precious mental capacity, brain energy and time. Activating an aptly-placed link to information is easier and faster than searching for the information — and more protective of flow.
We affirm that the ability to copy a link to a resource is as important for cognitive productivity as the ability to copy other types of information. This applies to all persistent digital information.

We invite software developers to do their part, by

  1. ensuring their users can conveniently obtain a link to the currently open or selected resource via a user interface; and
  2. providing an application programming interface (API) to obtain or construct a link to that resource (i.e., to get its address and name).

To help people benefit from the information they process with software, we advocate ubiquitous support for linking of information resources. This would help realize the potential of hypermedia that was envisioned by information technology pioneers such as Ted Nelson and Douglas Englebart.

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On MacOS it would allow to use Hook

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New users, sorry I’m confused - there really is no way to copy a link to a page/bullet? How are you supposed to integrate this with any other app?

So far I don’t know anything about URI scheme for Logseq :frowning:
This is still the place where Obsidian is superior than Logseq, and what hold me from full switch

You could scopy/refrence pages/bullets internally in Logseq or the markdown files on your disc to the external app

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Even if I had the file path, you can’t open MD files in Logseq (or set it as the default app).

As full-featured as this app is, I’m puzzled why there is no way to get a link to a block or page. Hopefully, this is something they can address soon (I don’t see it on the roadmap).

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Related post here! Allow linking to Logseq pages from outside the app

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Hook is a mac app that allows for linking between files and apps
(for example I could make link to pdf and put into markdown note, clicking the link will open pdf in specific app)
Hook for working need an API.

Hook needs to be able to get the name of your app’s current resource, and a URL/ID for it. It needs to be able to open this resource using that URL/ID. We do not expect Hook to be able to get the name or URL/ID of an unsaved document.
You just need to provide the API. It could be via x-callback-url, AppleScript / JavaScript, a command line interface or something else that is generally available.

There already exist a similar feature request of the Hook users.

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+1 for this. I use Hook a lot and it would be awesome to have it work with Logseq

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Could admin could rename this topic to more general “Allow linking to Logseq pages from outside the app”?


This is explaining (more or less) the philosophical ideas behind this request

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This maybe the same request like here:

and here:

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Yes this is what I meant (Deep linking) I don’t mark it as solved, but the discussion may be merged

Electron apps are capable of this: Enable Electron to set/unset itself as default protocol handler (OS X, Windows) by felixrieseberg · Pull Request #4896 · electron/electron (github.com)

This guide is old, but might be useful: Electron app with custom protocol | Better world by better software (glebbahmutov.com)