Edits in Logseq not being written to local files: UNRECOVERABLE DATA LOSS

I’m gonna be a little salty here, I apologize. I’ve run into some really frustrating defects on 0.9.20 but this defect will be the one that finally incentivizes me to move away from Logseq.

I ran into an issue where edits in Logseq are not getting written to the markdown files in the ./pages/ directory. And no backup data made it into ./pages/logseq/bak directory.

Here’s a screenshot of my edits in the Logseq app on MacOS:

Here’s a screenshot I took of the contents of the markdown page on my local drive immediately after I took the above screenshot. None of my edits are in the markdown page.

Here’s a screenshot of the page history. Not a single one of these edits listed here contain the content that I added:

Here’s the contents of the ./logseq/bak/pages/ directory showing that this page never made it to the backup directory:

After about 60 seconds, the Logseq UI updated to this:

Unrecoverable data loss.

I filed a bug report on Github for this issue.

If this can’t be solved, I’m done using Logseq. I’ve had problems with data loss and corruption in Logseq so I’ve implemented a backup strategy:

  • files are committed to git locally
  • all git commits are upload to Github
  • I pay for Logseq sync
  • I run Apple Time Machine backups a couple times a day

None of these strategies will prevent data loss if the edits never actually get written to a file on the file system.

Thank you for doing the work looking into this. I have been having similar issues, and trying to keep working in Logseq with the data loss is beyond frustrating. I am hoping there will be some sort of official response to this.

If it helps, I downgraded to 0.9.19 and have not had this issue since. Seems likely it’s a defect in 0.9.20. That release was pretty problematic more for me.

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I’ve encountered the same issue multiple times in the last weeks. At some point, the changes made in logseq get not written to the file anymore. A re-index or a restart leads then to the loss of everything written during a whole workday. Since there was nothing written to the actual files, the git integration had nothing to commit/save at this point.
I have a clean installation without sync activated for the affected graph. The only notable circumstance is that I’ve running multiple instances of Logseq with different graphs simultaneous.

In my opinion, this issue should get the highest priority since multiple user have reported similar problems. No new shiny features, just the very very basic functionality. So frustrating.

I’m still using Logseq, but had to move away from “Logseq Sync”. The issue always points back to sync for me.