Empty space below folded item in Journal


I am very interested in Logseq and I learn to use it for a few days.
I do not understand why in my Journal, when I fold the item corresponding to a date, I have an empty space of about 15 lines. Here are two screenshots illustrating my point:


I can see that even if the today page of the journal has no content, the empty space is here when the item is either expanded or collapsed. See below.

Thanks. Have a nice day!

Maybe this might interest you: Is it possible to delete empty journal pages?

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Thanks for your message. Indeed it could be useful in a few cases.
Yet my question is why so much visual space is used to display no information. May be there is a parameter which I can set up to reduce this space.
Since I am really beginning with Logseq I have many questions I try to find answers to at the same time, but I note to get back onto this in a few days, I mean the visual set up of Logseq.
Thanks again for your suggestion.

Welcome. Check Possible to reduce height of today’s empty journal?

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Thanks a lot.
Indeed, in the topic you mention, is described a way to modify the default css used in Logseq to reduce the spacing between displayed pages.