Enable bespoke workflows for cycling between tags

I think it would be really great if one could create tags which automatically change when they are clicked. I’m editing a volume and I would like a tag set with the following cycle / flow:

proposal submitted → proposal accepted / proposal rejected → article commissioned → article under review → article accepted / rejected.

So if you click on the #proposal_submitted tag it becomes #proposal_accepted. Where there is a choice (e.g. between #proposal_accepted and #proposal_rejected), the click would trigger a drop down. Tag cycles / flows could be stored as .json or .yaml files which would be well-suited to storing this kind of information. Loops could also be made within the tag cycles.

I think this simple feature would make logseq much more customisable.

Different variations of this Request have been submitted many times and the Logseq Team is working on a “Custom TODO Workflows”. But it just hit me now that finally I could have progress bars or scales of the type:


That would be awesome, besides having custom workflows of different needs :slight_smile:


Okay. Thanks. I did a search, but did not stumble across this.

@Hulk I posted a mockup here:

Cheers. Looks good.

For UI, a few suggestions…

  • Tags which occur within cycles should have a slightly different formatting to standard tags, so that the user is aware of this.
  • To move on, it would be good to have both a mouse process (click on tag), and a keyboard process (keyboard shortcut, e.g. CTRL/SHIFT + ENTER).
  • Tags would automatically move on unless there is a fork, in which case the choices would be shown as a dropdown.

To set up tags, I think .json would be ideal for hierarchical structure, has a fairly simple structure, and can be debugged via most editors, e.g. sublime text / vscode. To loop, lower nodes would refer to higher nodes. However, perhaps this is too difficult for non-technical users? It would be cool to have an interactive visual GUI showing the cycle, which automatically generates code in whatever format, so if you are a point/click person you can use the GUI and if you are a code-oriented person you can use code, but this would be a lot of work for the programmers.

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P.S. If you could do custom cycling between tags, this would lend itself very nicely to a kanban format. There is currently a kanban plugin, but you cannot manipulate this directly, e.g. drag blocks between kanban boards, as the plugin merely renders existing data. If there was a way of setting up bespoke pathways between tags, this would lend itself very nicely to a kanban board which you could actually manipulate with the mouse. (NB I know that logseq is textbased, and shouldn’t go overboard on GUIs, but I think most people find kanban boards useful).