Encrypted blocks

Rather than encrypting my whole graph, I would be happy to just encrypt individual blocks on request. Actually, the way I would like it to work is to have all the child blocks of a particular block be encrypted with a password.

I like this idea. I use logseq for both work and personal notes. This makes it a bit awkward to show my logseq notes to coworkers. Also, it would be really useful to be able to store secrets in logseq alongside little scripts etc so im not always having to jump between applications.

Aside from encrypting blocks, i think it would be nice to have something like a cloze but where the enclosed text is encrypted. This would work really well for safely storing a password since it could just be inlined so the surrounding text can still be read and searched.

I agree, for sensitive information its comforting to have another layer, per block encryption. Roam has this feature and it fits really well the domain.

I believe the encryption that we have in Logseq is to encrypt and decrypt the actual files - this is useful when you are storing the files in the Cloud and you do not want anyone to be able to read the .md files.

The ability to hide/lock the content (a block or an entire page) - at least from the UI. The actual file at the backend - well we can have a different discussion about this because it might corrupt the data if it’s not done precisely.

I have started a side project to build a plugin for Logseq. My direction was more of password-protected pages, but from what I can see and hear, at least the ability to hide the content would be really helpful for now. What I built has nothing to do with encryption, it’s just an overlay to hide the contents. If I have the time, I will add a feature where a password is required to unhide the page content.

Check it out; Plugin to lock pages and I hope if it helps anyone here.

There isn’t much point in simply hiding the file in the UX if the block isn’t encrypted in the MD as well. At least as far as my needs are concerned.

Here is a plugin to do exactly this in Obsidian (but doesn’t seem to work with Logseq).


Hi guys,
I put some effort to implement a feature to encrypt/decrypt block, and now it works for myself. You might take a look as well.

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Looks interesting! Would be cool if you could unlock all entries with a single password, otherwise it might make a lot of passwords to remember?

Even better would be block-level encryption across the graph that is triggered by a keyword.

So whenever a square-bracketed [[sensitive subject]] is mentioned, that entire block (or page) gets encrypted with a pre-selected password. That would end up encrypting all references, blocks, and pages related to [[sensitive subject]] and it would happen on the fly after it’s set up.