Exclude pages from simple queries

Hello everyone,
is there a way to make a query for a property but exclude the blocks that are page properties? like I have a page [[project A]] with page properties:: sales. (now it should inherit the sales property to every block on that page doesn’t it? I read it here and it seems like it’s not working) And have multiple resources on that page that have own block properties (but should have the inherited page properies too what they don’t have).
Now when I create a query that looks for the property:: sales, i get the first block of the [[project A]] Page as a result. is there a way to prevent that?

  • Concerning what is inherited, check this thread.
  • It is possible to filter the blocks quite precisely, especially if using advanced queries.
    • If you share some example blocks and your query, we can help you with the desired filtering.

it is a simple query that just should collect all my inputs so that I can make a choice what to consume (I try to reduce this list daily).

this is my simle query:

{{query (or [[inbox]] [[fleeting]] [[input]])}}

this is what I want to avoid:

thank you for helpin me!

Try this:

{{query (and (or [[inbox]] [[fleeting]] [[input]]) (not (page [[inbox]])) (not (page [[fleeting]])) (not (page [[input]])))}}
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this workes!!! thank you a lot!!!