Expanded Zotero import selection

The Zotero search and import function within Logseq works very nicely. All paper metadata is imported which leads to a lot of unwanted tags incorporated into graphs: Zotero referencing is ballooning up my graph

There is currently the possibility to select whether notes and attachment links are included during the process so it would be extremely useful if this customization could be extended to other metadata fields such as author list.


This would be a great feature and I would definitely appreciate a solution for this!! Also brought up previously here: Allow for customized Zotero import fields

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Worth noting is that if an attachment is included by zotero, logseq will proceed to create pages for every folder in the attachment’s path structure. And soon enough all the books/papers you have read are linked by the directory, which is pointless.

An example:

Sing up at the community to ask for the same feature.