Zotero referencing is ballooning up my graph

Hi all,

I have really been enjoying the ease of the new Zotero functionality for academic work when taking notes. However, the nature of the tagging is now blowing up my graph:

Whilst this looks all well and good from the birds eye view, zooming in one sees that there is an explosion of what I think are irrelevant nodes/nodes automatically added during referencing:

Clearly this is due to the amount of active tags that are made when referencing an item from Zotero:

Does anyone have any suggestions how to tame this such that I only/mainly get my own created tags?

Thanks in advance!


Did you ever figure out a fix? I’m having the same problem with irrelevant auto-generated pages - including for pages created for the “rights” field.


Hey - no I didn’t have a chance to play around. In the end I decided to add things manually rather than using the Zotero import. Perhaps in the future the devs could expand the Zotero import settings to include which fields to include, seeing as there are already options for attachments etc.

Edit: I made a thread in the feature request forum Expanded Zotero import selection

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I think in default mode, Zotero automatically add tags to your articles (items in the tags:: in your example. To me this is pretty useless and I prefer to add I own tags so I turned off this feature. This should removed quite a lot of tags when you add article to Logseq.
There’re still many other extra information such as a lot of authors, etc. And need an official fix from Logseq team. This has been requested before