Export query table data to XML/JSON/cvs

Once I have some query results in a table view, I would like to be able to export that data to a file in a format that other applications can read (XML, JSON, CSV, etc). Is there a way to do that? Either export a page that has a query in it, or even run a command line query to get that data and save it off?



Hello Jennie,
I had the same issue and found (for my use case) that “Logseq Cuvee” plugin was exactly what I was looking for.
It do exports the query contents to csv file. I had to test some variations in order to reach the result. In my case I’ve created a new page for the export and used the following command : {{renderer :cuvee, true, (property a) (property b) (property c)}} the preview with the table was shown and also the possibility to export to csv.
Hope it helps.

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