Extremely slow sync

Hey! I’m a happy logseq user who uses notes pretty frequently. My main requirement for every note app I use is to open up and be ready to write quickly.

Sadly, the built-in sync feature is extremely slow.
It takes 6 seconds to connect, and around 10 seconds to have green syncing status on mobile.
For me, it is close to unusable as I tend to open note app tens of times per day.

Is there any workaround or faster sync method than supporter sync function?

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the slow sync of the mobile app is one of the things that makes me “look away” at least once a week (look for another alternative to logseq)

use case:

  1. I’m away from my laptop
  2. I have an idea (or need to write down some information)
  3. I open logseq mobile
  4. wait for sync
  5. start writing

from item 2 - 4 I feel that some information gets lost in my mind.

it may just be me, but I feel like I haven’t written down everything I need to.

I believe this can minimize the feeling of sluggishness

yeah, I’ve ended up with Reflect. This sync time was unbearable.