Feature request : Creation of Folders and subfolders, will make knowledge management more feasible

The Problem

  • We can’t create sub-folders inside folders. Thus all pages are stored in pages folder only, which make clearing the clutter difficult. Deletion of unwanted files.
  • Pdf linking and highlighting creates extra files. If some file name is changed, it doesn’t update the links and reference is lost.
  • Crystallization of thought files not possible due to linkage updation problem, and no specific folders.
  • Though I have tried creating folders inside pages folders, but all the pdf highlights, other assets linked are suddenly not accessible.
  • is the path correct error is shown.
  • also due to no folder categorisation, I can’t keep related resources files together. Retrieving becomes difficult if link is lost.

I would love folders, and even better could we have it so namespaces are basically folders?

So in Logseq the page Books/Dune would be pages/Books/Dune.md rather than pages/Books.Dune.md


Agree - however I’d personally tweak the feature request to this:

  • We need the ability to easily rename files
  • Create the ability to query files/assets only, by file attributes: type (pdf, doc, wav, etc), modified time, etc

This will allow for a document library, organized/filtered by LogSeq tag and by file attribute, to be embedded on any page.

Personally I hate the folder schema (files can only be in one “folder” at a time) vs. a tag schema.


Another upside of a folder structure is being able to have different git repos for different spaces. This would make team collaboration easier.


This is almost a deal-breaker for me! It’s too bad because I thought I found the right tool. I need a rich folder structure to sync with Obsidian.


Please see Proposal: Changing How Namespaces Function in Logseq.
It’s basically the same idea. Storing namespaces with folders.
It’s on the team radar, but it will take a while

What do you think about moving Proposal: Changing How Namespaces Function in Logseq from #bug-reports to #feature-requests? It might be losing visibility for being in the wrong forum category.

See also [R] Move assets to dated subfolders for an example of how to move assets into subfolder based on creation date