Feature Request: PDF annotations link jumps back to corresponding location in the PDF file

Currently, PDF annotations can only back link to corresponding page. But in my understanding, it should link back to the corresponding location. We have enough meta data to achieve this feature.

Related issue:

Is your request somewhat similar to mine? (Mine is about having some effect on the highlighted area when click on the reference).

I mentioned this feature in the related GitHub issue. By the way, does the link jumps back correctly?(means jumping to the corresponding highlighting area, not corresponding page) I found that it works correctly in my self build version(0.5.6), but fails in public release version(0.5.6). So I move this feature request to a bug report.

I’m not quite sure on what you meant by “jumping to corresponding location”? In your GitHub post, 2nd video, I can see that when you clicked on different highlights in the same page, the pdf viewer changed accordingly (while in the 1st video the view doesn’t change for different highlights of the same pdf page). So you mean that there’s a region in the pdf viewer you would expect the highlight area to be when you click on the reference?
I can confirm that on 0.5.7 and the latest 0.5.8+nightly.20220107 (Windows 10), clicking on a reference only takes me to that page (so all highlights in the same page will have the same view, which is that page).

That’s exactly what I mean. This should be fixed, and adding some effect oh the highlighted area after clicking, this will make annotation link work much better.

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