More contrast on the PDF highlight area when clicking the reference link

This requests stems from the 2nd idea here PDF annotation in Logseq - #10 by nekonull

  • Current implementation only jumps to the page containing the highlight, but for academic papers and other densely packed PDF materials (see my pdf annotation at the end), jumping to the page is not enough. Perhaps a little border, or temporarily changing the color to create a flash effect? (e.g. In Zotero a little frame is created to indicate the source highlight, see pic below)


  • Below is the implementation on RemNote (it highlights the first half which is the reference that I clicked)
  • image

My sample PDF annotation that demonstrate the needs (the areas highlighted are multiple single highlighted sentence, and I need to find a sentence across the page)

An alternative way: is it possible to jump to the highlighted paragraph and center it (vertically)? I think it adds less work than the contrasting method.