Feedback for the right side panel UI/UX

Hey guys, first of all I’m no UI/UX designer or programmer, I’m also still new to logseq so I don’t really know if the right side panel is supposed to look or work that way or not, but I feel like if it’s just normal tabs that you can switch between and has the option to be split horizontally like in obsidian for example it might be better.

Also some other suggestions would be to remove “help” and “contents” from it, instead put help in the three dots menu (where you access settings) under “bug report”, and as for “contents” you shouldn’t be forced to use that file specifically as an index or a dashboard and it shouldn’t be the only pinned file, so instead add the option to pin any page there.

Lastly, I’m sorry for comparing it to obsidian a lot, I just really like its UI/UX, but I definitely want Logseq to be better, also this is just my opinion, if I knew how to code I would have tried to make a concept and implement it myself if the community liked it.

EDIT: forgot to mention that approach too, it looks amazing