Filtering for the Linked Reference filter

Roam provides a filter inside the filter window for the Linked Reference section of a page. This helps to pick which other page/tags reference we want to include/exclude from the Linked Reference search results. For pages with a lot of Linked Reference, this feature is extremely useful. Sometimes is not feasible to read all the pages/tags reference to make a decision on what to select/deselect.

See the pictures below for details. Both represent the same page, one in Roam, the other in Logseq imported from Roam:


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Thank you for this feedback @Sellaro. The linked references filter definitely needs work to be more user-friendly, and there are also a few bug in it that needs fixing.

This feature request is now on the roadmap and @futurized and @Aryan are working on designing it.

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I just moved all my stuff over from Roam and this is the feature I can not wait for!! Glad to hear you are working on it!

One addition that would be cool is if in settings we could limit journal pages from showing up in the linked refs portion as well.

But for now, totally can settle with just the search bar. That will make things much easier to filter out!.

This was built by @Aryan and released with 0.7.7